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Parents Orphelins’ 5th Annual Candle Walk

Marche lumineuse 2018

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For the past 10 years, the quebec association Parents Orphelins has been able to help parents who have suffered a loss of baby during pregnancy or soon after. During these past years, we have been dedicated to our mission of offering support for families during this difficult period. Mainly, to limit feelings of isolation that families might feel during their grieving process.

In the spirit of this mission five years ago, the Candle Walk was born. On that first occasion, over forty families came together on the banks of Des Prairies river, most of those grieving the loss of child, but also those offering support. All in the efforts to create an environment of acceptance and peace for those grieving the loss of their baby.


From that day on a tradition began, and has continued ever since.


In 2015 and 2016, almost 200 families joined to walk along Des Prairies river, between Gouin parc and Nicolas-Viel in Montreal.


Since 2107, we have begun using a new location for our walk, parc Maisonneuve. Last year, it was followed by a ceremony lead by our spokesperson for that year Marie-Élaine Thibert, which included over 250 participants.


Whether you have participated in the walks since it’s early beginnings or you are new member, we would like to invite you to join us in the 5th édition of Montréal’s Candle Walk, on october 13 th at 5:30 pm.


Please meet with us in front of the Chalet du parc Maisonneuve de Montréal (4365 Sherbrooke St East, corner Viau)


5:30 pm Meet up

6:00 pm Walk begins

7:00 pm Ceremony


Please feel free to share this online and invite friends and family. We are open to all ages, as well as all those who have been touched by the loss of a baby to different degrees.


We also encourage you to purchase your tickets online. In order to facilitate access on the day of the walk, we ask you to please print your tickets and bring them to the welcome desk that we will have set up at the beginning of the walk. Please see our photos from last year to see our set up..

If you would like to further support our cause, please see our merchandise online. We have heart and military style necklaces, earrings, keychains, stickers, and pins that can be purchased. They will also be available on the evening of the walk.