A range of possible sponsorships

By making a donation to Parents Orphelins, you show your customers and partners that it is important to you to provide bereaved parents with the means to obtain support in the difficult ordeal of perinatal bereavement. You will get a tax credit for your business, the recognition of your role as a driving force in improving the services provided to the grieving parents of their babies and the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to making real changes in their lives. and those who need it.

Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Parents Orphelins provides you with different ways to help him accomplish his mission with parents grieving for their baby.

If you are interested in one of these sponsorships or you would like to share your proposal with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

The partners who make a difference

It is thanks to the support and generosity of our partners that Orphan Parents has been able to carry out its mission since our inception. Each support is precious and Parents Orphelins offers you different ways to help it accomplish its mission with parents grieving for their baby.

You give. We receive. Parents receive the help they need to get through the difficult ordeal of perinatal grief. On their behalf, we say thank you!

Social medias

Everything that your donations and partnerships make possible are broadcast on our social networks. It is also a quick and efficient way to obtain information on perinatal bereavement in Quebec, to learn more about the activities and services of the Association and to interact with our members. Finally, there is access to certain reports, testimonies and articles on perinatal bereavement. Find us on these platforms!

Guardian angel

$10 000


$5 000 - $9 000


$2 500 - $4 999

Cabinet du Ministre Hamad
Magnus Poirier


$1 000 - $2 499

Jocelyn Laroche
La famille Lauzon
Lise Quimper-Sobolta


$50 - $999

Louise Angelo • Sébastien Angelo • L’Ami de la ferme Laitière • Michèle Ali • Alexandre Bastien • Elena Barbaresso • France-Hélène Bédard • Luc Béraud • Raymonde Bissonnette • Robert Boisvert • Guylaine Bolduc • Michèle Bourbonnais • Linda Bourgeois • La famille Bourgeois-Chappet • Brigitte Breault • Sylvie Castonguay • Le Collège Montmorency • Sandy Cotugno • Yvon Desautels • Claire Desjardins • Geneviève Fafard Tremblay • David Fedberg • Diane Fitzgibbon • Fonds de charité Employés CUM • Jennifer Furtado • Sylvie Gagné • Sophie Gauthier • Monique Gauthier • Nicole Gélinas • Richard Gélinas • Michel Giguère • Fabrice Giraudeau • Kevin Halicki • Nancy Hammond • Clifton Jarin • Marie-Eve Langevin • Véronique Lalande • Catherine Lapointe • Karine de Launière • Chantal Leblanc • Marie-Pierre Legendre • Mai-Li Lauzon • Miriam Lauzon • Diane Métivier • Emmanuelle Metras • Alain Morin • Muybien • Naissance Renaissance Estrie • Francine Ouellette • Gislaine Ouellette Legendre • Flora Neville • Maude Painchaud-Benoît • Giuseppe Palazzo • Pcommunications • Catherine Pellerin • Laura Angelica Penketh • Karine Presseault • Richard Presseault • Prodemo • Christine Provencher • Fernand Quesnel • France Racine • Lise Rochette • Colette Rodier • Anick Rose • Marie-Noëlle Roy • Geneviève Sorel • Amélie St-Cyr Monaco • Teknion Roy et Breton inc • Catherine Tessier • Mario Tessier • Émilie Therrien • Josée Tourigny • Denis Tremblay • Ville de Saint-Eustache • Lorna Wallace

Because each donation is important, thank you for supporting our association.