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of Parents Orphelins

Why support Parents Orphelins?

Every day in Quebec, parents lose a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth. It is estimated that nearly 23,000 Quebec families are affected by the death of a baby each year. Parents Orphelins, the Quebec Association of Parents Living in Perinatal Mourning, is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 recognized as a charitable organization, with the main mission of providing services “by and for” parents experiencing perinatal bereavement. . Parents Orphans made it their goal to help other parents through this difficult ordeal.

How to support Parents Orphelins?

It is thanks to the support and generosity of its donors that Parents Orphelins has been able to carry out its mission since its inception. Each donation is precious and Parents Orphelins offers you different ways to help it accomplish its mission with the grieving parents of their baby. Whether it’s a donation of money, time or goods!

What are donations used for?

Thanks to your donations, our services such as coffee talks, activities and events related to perinatal bereavement in which orphan parents participate, the support service, the website and the management of the various platforms and databases of resources. available to parents, the publication of information guides, annual awareness campaigns, administration and management of volunteers are made possible… and more!

You give. We receive. Parents receive the help they need to get through the difficult ordeal of perinatal grief. On their behalf, we say thank you!

Financial support

Become a volunteer

If Parents Orphelins can accomplish their mission with bereaved parents, it is because many volunteers work within the Association, like bees. Volunteers organize coffee talks, support the listening line, run social networks, organize special activities, take part in Fêtes des Anges or awareness-raising activities, fundraising campaigns, manage the accounts. or ensure the coordination of administrative tasks.

Their work is invaluable, it makes a difference by helping orphaned parents through the difficult ordeal of perinatal bereavement.

Does that inspire you? Do you want to become a volunteer? We would love to count you among the people who are making a difference in the journey of parents grieving their babies. It’s easy, complete the online form and we will receive the information to process your volunteer offer. The volunteer coordinator will contact you after analyzing your form.

Become a member

Becoming a member of Parents Orphelins means promoting the voice of perinatal mourning and obtaining representation from government authorities. It is to carry the message higher, further.

Parents Orphelins believes that by bringing together parents experiencing perinatal bereavement across Quebec, it will succeed in having them recognized and in obtaining more services. Strength in numbers is, without a doubt, an important element of any association, in achieving the desired objectives.

In the case of Parents Orphelins, it is about ensuring that parents who are experiencing the death of their baby can grieve as well as possible.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

  • Be informed first of the activities and initiatives of the Association
  • Receive exclusive information
  • Be able to make a difference with other parents experiencing perinatal bereavement through volunteer opportunities
  • Be able to express your opinion by attending the annual general meeting and vote
  • Empower parents with governments and public bodies

Are you a parent experiencing perinatal bereavement, a worker or a supporter of the cause? Be part of the large family of Parents Orphelins, become a member!

Informal exchanges, respectful and comforting with a good coffee and snacks: the opportunity for sharings among parents grieving from pregnancy or infant loss.

Because each donation is important, thank you for supporting our association.