Financial support

It is easy and quick to make a secure donation through Canada Helps. You are giving. We receive. And your tax receipt is emailed to you instantly. You could even choose the monthly debit and receive just one receipt at the end of the year… the choice is yours.

Many families choose to honor their baby, replacing flowers with a donation to Parents Orphelins. If you wish, you can add the following sentence in the obituary of your loved:

To All tokens of sympathy may be expressed by donating to Parents Orphelins, by mail, to: 815, Henri-Bourassa East, Suite 11, Montréal (Québec) H2C 1E7.

Parents Orphelins also provides, on request, envelopes to collect the remembrance donations. At the funeral or memorial service, these are made available to people who want to respect the will of the family. Then, the direction of the funeral home or the family routes donations to Parents Orphelins. In addition, those who, during service, took an envelope can send their donation by mail.

You can also create a fundraising page in memory of your baby.

Here are the pages in memory of a baby. To make a donation to Parents Orphelins, in memory of one of these children, please click on his/her name.

Auphélie et Méganne     Jeanne    Largo et Lillah    Léanne    Logan    Louka    Maëlie   Mélia  Robin    Sunny-Anne    William

Pay tribute to the person you love by helping those who, in turn, need support.
Through your generosity, the life of this baby will be celebrated and his memory kept alive.

You can now raise funds for Parents Orphelins by having your own page on Canada Helps. Within minutes, you will start your own fundraising for a sporting challenge, a birthday celebration or in memory of a baby. Funds raised will be automatically paid to Parents Orphelins without you having to do anything else. Your only concern will be to publicize your page so that your network participates in your fundraising. This is a great way to pay it forward!

A donation of securities or mutual funds is an effective way to donate to Parents Orphelins.

A portion of your securities or mutual funds will have a significant and lasting impact on the services we provide to parents who are grieving their baby. Canadhelps offers the largest online donation processing service for donations of securities and mutual funds in Canada. Simple. Fast.

By making a donation to Parents Orphelins, you show your customers and your partners that you have at heart to empower bereaved parents to get support in the hardship of pregnancy and infant bereavement. You will get a tax credit for your business, the recognition of your leadership role in improving the services provided to parents grieving their baby and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to bring about real change in the lives of those in need.

Donate today and contribute to the recognition of the cause of pregnancy and infant grief.

You have any book references on pregnancy and infant grief, furniture or a coffee maker that you no longer need, please consider giving these goods to Parents Orphelins! Contact Us.


If Parents Orphelins is able to accomplish its mission for bereaved parents, it is because numerous volunteers work like honey-bees within Parents Orphelins. Volunteers ensure the animation of the gathering, support the help line, animate social networks, organize special events, participate in celebrations or in activities on awareness, fundraising, manage accounting or ensure coordination of administrative tasks.

Their work is precious. They make a difference by helping orphaned parents through the difficult hardship of pregnancy and infant bereavement.

This inspires you? You wish to become a volunteer? It’s easy, fill the following form (only available in French) and email it to us at

Become a member

Membership of Parents Orphelins asserts the voice of pregnancy and infant loss and to obtain a representativity before government bodies. It is carrying the message higher, further.

Parents Orphelins believes that, by pooling parents grieving from pregnancy and infant loss across Québec, it will help to acknowledge them and succeed in getting them more services. Strength in numbers is, undoubtedly, an important part of any organization in achieving its intended objectives.

For Parents Orphelins, it is a matter to ensure that parents, who live the death of their baby, may live their mourning in the best way possible.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

● Be the first informed of the activities and initiatives of Parents Orphelins
● Receive exclusive information
● Take part in a volunteer experience
● Express your opinion by participating in the Annual General Meeting and vote
● Empower parents with governments and public bodies

You are a parent grieving from pregnancy or infant loss, a health care professional or a sympathizer to the cause? Be part of the great family of Parents Orphelins, become a member! (form only available in French)

Informal exchanges, respectful and comforting with a good coffee and snacks: the opportunity for sharings among parents grieving from pregnancy or infant loss.